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April 2019 Newsletter


April 2019


The results are in!

Thank you for voting!  The results have been tallied and they are... 


Kylee Steele

Office Employee of the Month

We are proud to announce that Kylee Steele is our Office Employee of the Month.  She was the leader of the pack this month.  The girl can do it all!  Whether it is answering phones, calling doctor's offices to send back our orders, or running out or make sure that all of our clients get wonderful care, she does it all with a smile on her face.  The words used to describe her were helpful, kind, and welcoming and we agree. 


Kylee has been part of Tender Nursing Care for almost 20 years which is amazing since she is only 21.  She came to our Tender Nursing Care Christmas Party in 2000 when she was a little over a year old.  Jamey, my husband fed her so many strawberries that I was afraid she was going to have an allergic reaction.  I seem to remember that there may have even been sugar for her to dip those strawberries in.  I can't remember if Jamey or my daughter, Ashley was the bright mind behind that.  Kylee ate a full two pints of strawberries before she decided it was time to play.  She last came to our Christmas Party in 2017 with her then boyfriend, Austin.  Who knew that two years later they would be engaged.  It is hard to believe that little girl is all grown up is busy planning her wedding.  Congratulations Kylee!           

Meki Wyant

Field Employee of the Month

Meki was featured in our blog this month as we are getting ready to celebrate our Twentieth Anniversary.  We visited with Meki today at the home of one of her clients and the genuine caring, respect, and kindness still shines as brightly as it did 20 years ago.  I describe her as an angel who takes our clients under her wings and sees them through the good and the bad.  She has a gift that she shares with everyone she meets.  She is equally comfortable sitting quietly and listening to her clients fears and sadness as she is in getting them to tell her all of their jokes. 

Meki consistently sets an example for all of us with her commitment to our clients.  She does not judge them.  She accepts them and values them for their life experiences.  She is their voice when their voices are weak.  She is their legs when they cannot walk.  She is their eyes when they cannot see.  She truly has a special gift.  


In order to make sure we are accommodating as many people as possible, we had a vote for the best day and times to hold our staff meetings. The votes are now in. The third Tuesday of the Month at 5 PM at Donatos was the overwhelming favorite.  For those people who are unable to attend the meeting at Donatos on the Tuesday evening, the second place choice was the online option at 12 PM (Noon) on the third Wednesday of each month.  Please add this to your calendar.  The next meeting will be our mandatory Annual Emergency Preparedness training and drill.  Stay tuned for additional information.          

Continuing Education

I have added continuing education to our website.  You will need to log in to the employee portal with your email address to get to it.  There are videos and quizzes on the development page.  The portal is a work in progress.  Please let us know if you would like to see anything else.  I think that I have registered all of our current employees to be able to log in the portal.  Please let me know if you have any problems logging in with the password Tender1!  The portal is a work in progress. Please let us know if you would like to see anything else added to our site.  

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