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Our Anniversary

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

With our twentieth anniversary quickly approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce two of our employees to those of you who may not know them. Meki Wyant and Chris Steele share our 20 year anniversary with us in more ways than one. Meki's anniversary date is the only one that I have ever known by heart. She started with us on 9/9/1999. She filled out her application on my dining room table (back when our office was in my home), I hired her on the spot, and she worked with her first client that evening. She immediately became a client favorite. When she takes a client under her wing, she will be with them through thick and thin. I don't know how she does it, but she is the one that clients' tell their innermost fears and hopes. I have to admit that I have been shocked more than a few times at the dirty jokes some of our most elderly and prim looking clients have told her. She has a gift. Meki introduced me to Chris Steele not long after she started. Chris joined us on this journey and, although, our paths do not always go along the same route, she still has our back as we move towards our 20 year anniversary. Meki took Chris under her wing and introduced her to the world of home health care. Chris is passionate about learning and growing. Meki and Chris share my respect for our clients, my dedication to quality care, and my love of keeping people safe and happy at home. We often reminisce about our journey together and the clients whose lives we have made a difference in. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a cruise. My picture collection crashed along with my computer last year, but I was able to snag some memories from Chris' FaceBook page (thank you Chris). The large picture shows how Jamey, my husband and partner of this journey always makes the best of any situation. Here we were in the middle of a very small and desolate town in Mexico following a great excursion with a flat tire. While everyone else stayed on the bus while the tire was being repaired, Jamey led us across the dirt road to a small outdoor cantina. We had the place to ourselves. It took at least an hour before anyone else from the bus joined us. Jamey reminded me last night that the man who joined us said that he had to escape for a minute because his wife was instructing the driver on how she thought he should fix the tire. The picture of Meki and Chris alone, well you will have to ask them about the story behind those pictures. For me, what happens on a cruise, stays on a cruise. I have no idea how to top that for 20 years. There are not enough words for me to express how thankful I am for all that they do for our clients, our team, and our agency. Thank you.

Chris Steele, Meki Wyant, Maria Thacker, Jamey Thacker

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Okay, I really am a work in progress. I thought I was posting in our Employee Portal and I have shared this with the world! Well, we are going to have a great company blog!

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